Safe and professional safari trips

We are safari

We love safari and we love each moment in nature surrounded by animals, nature, and birds. We want to share the overall experience with all of you and to help you experience something you have never felt. It is so much better than the words can describe.

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Jack A Gutierrez

Jack is our chief and main guide. He explored the entire planet and was able to see things that no other man saw. Today he is going to be your guide and he will tell you a story or two of their life and their encounters with some of the deadliest animals of the animal kingdom.

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safe tours

We have over 220 safe tours to brag with and we believe this is just the beginning. In the future, we hope to reach so much more.

We guarantee you your safety
through the trip

Just relax and enjoy. We will take care of your safety and we will make sure there is no single issue you have to worry about. In order to provide you with this, a mandatory part of the experience we hire some of the best and most advanced guides in the industry. In order to work with us, they must be experts, period.

We also use the state of the art technology to keep you safe. All our vehicles are specially equipped with various tools and necessities we need in nature. They are also immune to the threats of different animals and can protect the passengers even against an elephant attack. Also, our guides know where to look and where to lead you and for how long.

All of this means that you can relax and enjoy the trip as much as possible. There is no anything you have to worry about. We will worry about your protection and you having a great time. Enjoy and visit us again. We have many more stories to share with you.
  • ‘’These are great. I love safari and I love it when it is provided by true professionals. Will use their services again and again as long as possible.’’
    Jessica L Labelle
  • ‘’I am completely satisfied. I have a great time and I learned a lot about animals, Africa, and nature in general.’’
    Andrew C Lawson
  • ‘’WOW. I literally don’t have what to say. Yes, I am happy and yes I used these offers 4 times and will planning something more special now. They are eager to help me and to meet my demands.’’
    Michael D Purdy

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Watch the video in order to get a better idea about what we have to offer and what we have prepared for all of you.